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Wie ein Hund!

Okay, she is deranged, but so, so playful.

Oberleutnant von Dumbass
10 July 1986
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Hello, my name is Modest. I am twenty years old, a student and my hobby is writing rude words on photographs of Tony Blair. I live with my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, in a magical house of affection and wonderment.

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homoerotic subtext is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
being overdressed, curating shit, gaspard ulliel, god-fearing atheists, hitchhiker’s-guide to your mom, homoerotic subtext, house/cane, irish hair, irresolvable conflicts, islam, kais nashef, lulz, lurking in capslock communities, motherfucking god warriors, museums, neodandyism, oh you know, people named stephen, perfering not to, sexy priests, smoking crack, stealing policemen's helmets, talkin' shit, the situation in paris, trainspotting, victorian english gentlemens club, zee germans